The Internet is a Hoax!

I’m willing to bet that you came here because you typed ” i hate working” into Google or Bing a few seconds ago. How do I know? Because this site was created with just one thing in mind, to be found with the keyword “I hate working”. Hold on! Do not hit that return button! Just give me two minutes – You won’t regret it. I promise!
Here’s the thing, search engines are merely a huge advertising machine that you feed all the information that it needs to give you targeted adds (also known as sites). That’s right, what you might think of as a useful tool for finding information is actually constantly manipulated by marketers and the search engines themselves. They decide what you will find with your searches, not the accuracy or relevancy of the information on the page. This site is a living proof of that.
People have always been taking advantage of the search engines to drive targeted traffic to their sites to make profit. Today the internet is so saturated with marketing sites that it’s pretty hard to find useful information that is not someones marketing ploy in some way. You really have to have knowledge and understanding of a subject beforehand to make an informed decision about trusting a site.

So how does all this help with your affliction toward working? Let’s just say that it took me about $25 and 60 minutes to set up this site with all it’s content and it’s making profit constantly. Say you had 30 such sites, each bringing in $100 to $3000 per month on complete autopilot, with no need for additional work. Do you think you would have to stress over work ?
Sound intresting? I made a PDF that explains the best, easiest and most ethical way of making an online bussiness. Get the completely free report HERE. If you found this post interesting and useful, please share! And remember, nothing is what it seems in the internet.


That’s what the rest of the post used to read. Well it doesn’t anymore since I have since moved on from that kind of pesky marketing bullshit. Sure there is money to be made on the good ol’ “Make money  by telling others how to make money” I’m telling you this if you for some god forsaken reason happen to stumble upon here. That’s some valuable info right here. If somebody tells you they are going to tell you how to make money online without a hint of what they’re actually selling you can bet your ass that they’re selling marketing. It’s a huge pyramid scheme and they just want your email address so they can sell it to other marketers. Simple. Peolpe are making millions with this shit.  But the truth is it’s unethical and makes the internet a untrustworthy place so fuck that. If you want to make a living out of the internet ethically just offer people helpful info OTHER THAN HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE BY MARKETING GOD DAMN IT! So who am I to judge since I’m guilty of doing the same shit. We’ll that’s just how the internet works, you can think of me anything you want – It won’t change a damn thing. This site is mostly marketing crap but maybe this one post will make you realize something and think of the other posts as case studies.



I hate work stress

Phew! Been a while since I’ve had the time to write here. Since i hate work I can attest to the fact that I also hate stress. I’ve been trying to find how to cope with stress my whole life.

Getting rid of the rat race of having a job is a one thing but finding the time to manage all the other shit in your life can be taxing. I found this site called that has some great advice on how to handle stress. I realized my sleep and diet have been utter shit for most of my life and that really got me thinking. I bet most people in their own personal rat race are suffering the pains of chronic stress, lack of sleep and crappy diets.

I bet most schmucks in their cubicles don’t have the time or motivation to work out or even to get some fresh air. While hating their jobs they’re also ruining their health. I bet just hating something in your life causes you to suffer constant stress and feel like crap about everything else. So what to take out of this rambling? If you hate work like I do, make your life easier! Find a way! It’s the only way to truly be happy.

Oh btw if you happen to read this post and are wondering what the hell is this unbearably amateurish looking blog – go read the internet is a hoax post. I’m just some dude somewhere who has a blog where he writes random bullshit through motives that even he himself can’t comprehend. There. Hope that solves it.

Chuck out.



A simple yet effective strategy

Let me ask you a question – do you like PC games? Dream about playing all day instead of rotting away in a work you hate. If you do then the next strategy will be VERY easy to use for you. If you don’t – don’t worry It’s not hard to learn. I’m going to show you a very simple strategy that many gamers are using to make a hefty passive income. This is very short and simple. You just head on to and register as their affiliate. The affiliate program is very good and you should take a minute to read the description. Now that’s the easy part. The hard part is knowing what products to market and where. Let’s just say it takes a little bit of knowledge about the gamer market to know where gold is. Worry not, I will give you hint to the right direction: When there is a new big release (say Fallout 4, new Call of Duty etc.) you look for a deal on those and the prequels! Google will be going haywire from all the searches on the new release. Next you strike with you affiliate link in places like forums, YouTube and Facebook just use your imagination. But the best place to hit is streamers. You offer them the deal as an second level affiliate (read the system on the site) and it’s a win win for you both. The hard part is you have to contact them directly and many will ignore you but some will play ball! That’s about it – go try it now! And if you hate working for a living remember to join my newsletter and we’ll find you a way out of the rat race.


So you hate your job…

It’s time to do something about it! If you want to learn how to make money from home I suggest you start here. Google Sniper is a very well documented system that teaches you everything you need to start making money online on complete autopilot. Naturally there is some marketing hype but I can guarantee George Brown is a genuine self made millionaire whose system is tried and proved by myself and many others. Just don’t expect to become millionaire over night – there is some work involved. Fortunately everything is explained in way that even a total beginner can start making sales in no time. Time to get the monkey of your back – get started today!


Getting started

As I mentioned before making money online is not easy these days. Getting started can be a tedious task especially if you don’t have a clue what you are doing. One thing I can promise is that you won’t get rich over night – no matter what the marketing hype tells you. Always remember this.

It takes time to get the ball rolling and you can’t expect to see results immediately. You have to keep at it until you start seeing results – and then work even harder. Now you are thinking why the hell this dude is talking about working hard in a blog about hating work. Well I can promise you will find the motivation for this once the money starts rolling in. It’s all profit to you and a direct result of your work – and you have to remember we’re not talking about getting paid once here. We’re talking about  getting a passive continuous income stream! Now think about that for a moment. You work for a while to set things up and after that you will get paid for that work over and over again sometimes for years. Sounds like a good deal to me. The most important thing is to never give up! And that’s why I recommend you to get started today so you will start seeing results as soon as possible.

To help you  get started I’ve put up an limited time offer for a few ebooks that explain everything you need to get started and how this all works. I sell these books elsewhere for good money so you won’t find this FREE offer elsewhere. For the same reason I won’t be keeping them up forever so grab your copy while while you can!


Getting out of the rat race

So you hate your job and hate working in general yet don’t know what to do about. It’s not like you can just quit your job and sit on your ass all day long. Finding a new job is not sensible either since you know you’d hate that one too. So you need a plan to get out of the grind but have no idea how to move forward. Worry not – there are options and I’ll share next what I’ve learned over the last two years.

My eye opening moment was when I was really frustrated after a long day at work and just googled “make money online” or something along those lines. I was expecting to encounter lot’s of spammy adwords sites selling penis enlargement pills or what not but to my surprise I found lot’s of quality sites and blogs with what seemed like plausible information about making money online. I soon realized there are tens of thousands people making a full time living online and many of them do it passively with automated systems. I also realized that’s what I want to do for a living. I think the first sites I found were Shoemoney and WarriorForum and the information there seemed all too good to be true. I honestly thought I’d be making fortunes within weeks with the information found there.

Well it turned out as with everything in life that seems too good to be true – it probably is. After spending countless hours reading about keyword research, affiliate marketing, micro niches, blogging, viral marketing and list building I learned that internet marketing these days is a VERY competitive business. And I mean that seriously. No matter what I tried and how hard I worked I didn’t not start seeing results with my own sites. Mainly due to the competition but also due to my lack of experience and knowledge. You see the internet is a funny place. Just few little tweaks here and there can make the difference between earning a steady income and not making a dime. I was ready to give up many times during the past two years but fortunately I stuck with it. Now I’m seeing the results of my hard work and am making a pretty good income online. The only reason I have not quit the job I hate is that my online business is not making as much income yet and I decided I won’t quit until I’m earning as much money as I am making with my day job. But that day will come soon.


“I hate work”

That’s something you won’t hear a coworker or a stranger in the street say to you. That’s something most people won’t even hear their friends say unless they’re upset or drunk. It is very rare to hear that from a working age person that’s in their right mind no matter how stressed or miserable they seem with their work. It’s the social stigma of being lazy they’re afraid of. Now some might argue that no one would say that out loud because they’re afraid their boss will hear and that would cause them to lose their job and with the current economy that would be a bad thing and what not. But just think about – how many times have you heard some one say “I hate my job!”? I don’t know about you but I’ve heard it plenty. That’s because in our society it’s perfectly fine to admit you hate the place you go to work e.g. “I hate my job!” but it is very much frowned upon to say you hate working all together e.g. I hate work!.

Recently I’ve been contemplating why that is and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s both a social and a cultural thing. Social in the sense that we humans as social animals work together to achieve greater results and by nature we will discriminate anyone who admits they’re are not willing to work for the better of the group. Even though they’re not willing to give their full effort to the group they’re still one more mouth to feed – be that with food in the old days or with tax dollars in the modern society.

The cultural part is that the meaning of work or working has changed from the old days. In the past work was something you did to survive – there was no option. Before settlements everyone had to either hunt, farm or gather their food to survive. Once towns and cities started to form so did the first jobs: smiths, farmers, fishers, prostitutes etc. you know the story.

In the modern society work is seen as a far more abstract term due to the invention of money. It used to be a word that describes how you gave your effort to the society but these days it’s used to describe how you earn your living a.k.a money. Of course there are still all the old professions like listed before but money has allowed the creation of many new “professions” that revolve around money but are seen perfectly fine as way to contribute to the society. Example of such a profession would be stock brokers who earn their living by manipulating money streams that are not even real – just evaluated expectations. That’s pretty far from hunting or farming to survive I’d say.

So where am I going with this? Beats me but all I know from my experience in the army is that working just for your  survival e.g. food and shelter can be a lot less stressful than your average full time job. And you can bet that the guys at the top of the food chain don’t hate going to “work” either. So it’s the whole working class – that goes to work every day to bust their asses – that makes the biggest contribution to society and also takes all the stress and crap that comes with the job. That’s why I hate work and I’m sure as hell not going to do other peoples work so I’m getting out of the rat race.

Sorry about the long and confusing post and not getting to the point of getting out of the grind. I’ll talk about that next. Promise.


Why I hate working so much

Hello world! My name is Chuck and what follows next could be called a rant.

I’m not actually sure at what point I realized I hated working but as long as I can remember going to work has been a chore that I never really looked forward to. Many mornings I swore I would give anything if I would not have to get up and go to work which is kind of ironic since I’ve never missed a day of work in my life – not once. That might even be the reason I hate working so much. I mean I’m never late, I work hard to hit the deadlines and I’m always friendly to the customers no matter how immaturely they’re acting. But the funny thing I’ve realized during my career is that this kind of personality is not good for surviving at your average job. Why? Well because all this kind of punctuality and diligence will cause you is stress. That’s right. You’d think that if work hard to accomplish your tasks in time you would be rewarded with a clear desk, a break every once in a while and a nice bonus in the paycheck. Well guess again. All it will earn you is more work since you’re so efficient that the management thinks you don’t have enough work while at the same time your colleagues talk trash behind your back because they think you’re making them look bad.

I’m trying my best not to sound like a cynical old bastard but I’ve witnessed this happen either to myself or a hard working colleague at pretty much every place I’ve worked. It’s this observation that’s made me really hate going to work – I see no way out of it. I remember how at my first “real” engineering job I soon realized nothings different from the construction yards and warehouses I had worked before. The one with the loudest voice and least knowledge is the boss, the lazy gossiping coffee room gang rules the place and the hard working ones are the office trash can.

I know there must be good places to work – with smart management and hard working colleagues working as a team – but help me god if I or any of my friends or close ones has ever witnessed such a miracle. I’ve also come to realize by talking to people that most of them don’t like their jobs – they’ve just accepted it and aren’t willing to do anything about it. So if you hate your job you came to the right place for some support. Believe me – I can sympathize and won’t judge you. Got to go but I’ll post soon about my journey out of the rat race so check back soon!